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5 Helpful Ways to Adapt to Wearing a Mask During COVID-19

With the outbreak of COVID-19 around the globe, wearing face masks has become the new normal.

If you've been venturing out to the store or are an essential worker, you likely have gotten pretty used to donning a mask.

While it's important to wear a mask, it's also important for the mask to fit comfortably.

Let's take a look at how to wear masks so they're both comfortable and a good fit.

1. Choose a Mask With a Fitted Nose

If you're a glasses wearer, you've probably learned the hard way that wearing a mask can make them fog up.

While this is frustrating, it's avoidable. Improving the fit of your mask to your nose and cheeks will keep your breath from escaping out the top. You may also want to adjust the ear loops or straps of your mask.

2. Change Your Mask Frequently

As the weather gets warmer, you may notice your blue face mask starting to feel gross quicker. This is because moisture can build up inside the mask. Wet masks are no longer useful, so it's important to change into a new one right away or use a breathable reusable fabric face mask from pform.

3. Consider the Material of Your Mask

Not all materials are created equal when it comes to face masks.

You'll want to have masks that provide ventilation and are less likely to trap moisture. For this reason, the pform two layer and three layer sport fabric face masks are a good option. You're best to avoid face masks made out of materials which could cause moisture to build up inside your mask.

4. Have a Snug But Not Tight Face Mask

Having to hide your face behind a mask isn't ideal, but it's necessary in these extraordinary times. That being said, you want your mask to fit properly and comfortably.

It's important that your mask is snug on your face. This makes it so respiratory droplets are kept away from your mouth and nose as well as protecting others from your respiratory droplets.

5. Be Considerate of Face Products

Depending on your skin type, you might want to alter what face products you use or forgo them altogether.

You may want to wear moisturizer if you have dry skin, as it could help avoid the mask from irritating your skin. Wearing liquid foundation with oily skin could cause your pores to clog, and getting makeup on your mask can also make them less effective.

It's Important to Know How to Wear a Mask Comfortably

If your mask isn't comfortable, you're more likely to take it off when you really shouldn't. Following these tips on how to wear your mask should go a long way in making your experience wearing a mask more comfortable. Remember that breathing in masks shouldn't be laborious and the pform masks are designed to be easy to wear.

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