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Choose Sustainability: Top 5 Reasons to Opt for a Reusable Face Mask

As people gradually return to their workplaces while the COVID-19 pandemic continues, face masks and other PPE are needed more than ever. You can't assume that someone who looks healthy isn't spreading the deadly virus!

That's why using a reusable face mask is so vital. If we're going to be outside the protection of our homes, we'll need face masks that can be used again and again—for several reasons. That's what we'll discuss in the following paragraphs.

If this concerns you, keep reading.

Why Opt for a Reusable Face Mask?

Reusable fabric face masks benefit their wearers by protecting us against illness. However, they protect people on a larger scale as well. Fabric face masks help society and the planet, too!

Here are five reasons for you to consider wearing a reusable face mask:

1. Comfortable to Wear and Fits Well

The fabric used in making the pform reusable face masks is comfortable against the skin. It's also easier to breathe through the pform masks than most paper masks. As a bonus, you can choose a colorful pform face masks for a little fun.

Also, pform masks are soft and flexible, ensuring they fit closer to your face which prevents most germs from entering through any gaps.

2. Washable and Reusable

Reusing disposable paper masks isn't a good idea since not disposing of anything that might have had exposure to the virus increases the risk of contagion to anyone who touches or even comes near it.

On the other hand, you can use a washable face mask made of our sports material and PU foam again and again. In fact, it should be hand washed regularly. Be sure to handle it with care before washing, though!

3. Help Protect Natural Resources

Reusable masks save trees, which release oxygen and improve our air quality. These masks also don't wind up in landfills—at least not as quickly or in the same numbers as disposable masks.

4. Diminish the Spread of Germs

The CDC recommends that we wear fabric face masks in public, especially where social distancing isn't possible.

If the discarded masks are not properly contained, though, they can infect others. They can also pollute the oceans, adding to the mess that's already there.

5. More Masks Available for Healthcare Workers

If we adhere to social distancing protocols in public, cloth masks should protect us well, especially if they have layers like the performance sport fabric and PU foam in the pform masks.

If we keep wearing reusable face masks, there will be more disposable masks available for the healthcare workers who badly need them.