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How to Avoid Fogged up Glasses While Wearing a Mask

If you end up with fogged up glasses each time you wear a mask, know you're not alone. Learn how to avoid these common problem today.

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Face masks: they help protect hidden virus strands like COVID-19 from transferring to those who may be more vulnerable.

Why wouldn't you want to wear a mask to help save lives?

But for millions of people who must wear glasses with their face masks they often have trouble with fogged up glasses. 

We've got your back, however. Here are the top three hacks to help keep your glasses from fogging.

  1. Wash With Soapy Water

Fogged up glasses occur when warm water vapors come in contact with the cool surface of your lens. It leaves behind a mist on your glasses that is challenging to see through. If your glasses keep fogging up, try washing your lens with soapy water. It leaves behind a thin soapy film.

This will help:

  • Surface tension reduce
  • Water particles to spread evenly
  • A transparent layer to form

Unfortunately, this method will only last for a few hours so you'll need to rewash your glasses with soap and water throughout the day. We recommend using baby wash for an option more gentle to the eyes. 

Avoid using chemical anti-fog sprays to prevent eye irritation!

Washing your glasses with soapy water is a great option if you have to go out in a public setting where knowing how to wear masks is a priority. 

  1. Mask fit is important

If your glasses keep fogging up while wearing a face mask, it could mean that your mask is not fitting perfectly. Adjusting your mask to fit better is a great way to keep the warmer vapor from escaping and fogging up your lenses.

All you need to do is:

  1. Secure your face mask
  2. Make any adjustments to make sure its snug around your nose and cheeks
  3. Move the mask so its in the right location to minimize fogging

This method will position your face mask properly making sure it still completely covers your mouth and nose. 

Fogged Up Glasses Aren't The End Of The World

Two-thirds of people wear glasses. It can be frustrating to go out and do basic activities like grocery shopping when you struggle to see from unclear lenses. Know that you are not alone in seeking fogging solutions.

It is possible to wear cool face masks, keep yourself safe, and have clear vision. Wearing a face mask with corrective lenses helps fight fogged up glasses and prevent the spread of disease. 

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