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How to Use a Face Mask Properly

With recent recommendations for Americans to wear face masks while in public places, you might be wondering how to wear a face mask.

Is facial hair okay?

Can you still scratch your nose?

Can you wash your mask?

Keep reading to learn how to keep yourself protected.

How to Use a Face Mask

When putting on a mask, you need to make sure that you follow these steps. Just like a medical worker would do to keep safe. 

Hand Preparation

Wash and dry your hands with soap and water, scrubbing for at least 20 seconds. If your hands are contaminated when you put the mask on, you risk bringing the virus close to your mouth and nose.

Check the Mask

Check the mask to make sure that it is in good working order. If any parts of the mask are missing or broken parts throw the mask away and use a new one.

Putting on Your Mask

Make sure that the correct side of the mask is facing out. Bring the mask to your face and pull the earloops over your ears. Pinch the nose piece around the bridge of your nose to ensure a secure connection. 

If there are bottom ties on the mask, be sure to tie these snuggly into place. Wearing a pform mask is and should be comfortable. To properly protect yourself the mask needs to be securely fastened against clean-shaven or hairless skin and should not be removed until in a safe area. 

What to Not Do While Wearing a Mask

You should not be touching your face while wearing the mask. If you reach under to scratch your nose or apply chapstick, you break the seal of the mask and bring pathogens that are on your hands or on the outside of your mask inside to your mouth and nose.

Do not reuse single-use masks. These masks are not designed to be long-lasting and if they get wet they become essentially useless.

Do not dangle your mask from one ear as this significantly increases the risk of contamination. Your mask could brush again a piece of uncovered hair and transfer the pathogen to the inside of your mask.

Do not criss-cross the ties on your mask. Pform masks are designed in a specific way for the best possible fit and seal when ties and fasteners are correctly used.

When to Replace Your Mask

Ideally, you should be replacing your mask after every use if it is a single-use. If your mask gets wet or breaks you should find a secure area and replace it with a new mask. Pform masks are designed to be used over and over again with a proper cleaning. Make sure to wash your hands before putting on a new mask. 

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