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If you end up with fogged up glasses each time you wear a mask, know you're not alone. Learn how to avoid these common problem today. Keyword(s): fogged up glasses Face masks: they help protect hidden virus strands like COVID-19 from transferring to those who may be more vulnerable. Why wouldn't you want to wear a mask to help save lives? But for millions of people who must wear glasses with their face masks they often have trouble with fogged up glasses.  We've got your back, however. Here are the top three hacks to help keep your glasses from fogging. Wash With...

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Here Are the Real Benefits of Wearing a Protective Mask The most recent word from the Oval Office states: if you need to step out, you should be wearing a protective mask. Here are 3 real benefits of wearing one. The first known case of COVID-19 was reported on November 17, 2019, in China. Since then over 500,000 cases have been confirmed in the United States.  While these facts and figures can be unnerving, there are plenty of things that you can do to slow the spread of the disease. Wearing a protective mask can help when you do have to go out. If...

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Using a mask will only help protect you and those around you if used properly. Read this brief guide to learn how to use a face mask the right way today

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Mask4Mask program, donating much needed masks to medical workers pform will donate 2 surgical respirator masks to local hospitals and organizations for every mask sold, to help support our medical workers and the fight against COVID-19.      

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